A journal as I travel around Europe with Everybody Was In The French Reststance...Now

I will be posting nonsense/pic's etc as I travel around the UK & Europe as guitarist/"musical facilitator" aka the bloke fiddling about at the back with Everybody Was In The French Resistance ...Now .

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Berlin ... some extra pics!

First one is of Mini-Zeb, a chap that did an interview in the dressing room with Dyan & Ed, who Chalkie pointed out looked like a scale-model of Blood Arm guitarist Zebastian Carlisle, so I made him stand on a table & strike the Zeb guitar pose ! Second one is of my nightly stage "cave", a den of my equipment consisting of some drums to my left, my amp behind, "drumphrey" the machine with the backing tracks etc to my right, my pedals in front and my lovely 1971 les Paul gold-top ! Amiable German hippy sound-engineer optional !

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