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I will be posting nonsense/pic's etc as I travel around the UK & Europe as guitarist/"musical facilitator" aka the bloke fiddling about at the back with Everybody Was In The French Resistance ...Now .

Thursday, 11 March 2010

I think we're Cologne now ...

... the beating of my heart is the only sound ! (groan!). Koln (or Cologne): back in 1988 when I was in The Mighty Lemon Drops we finished up a long European tour here, coincidentally our good friends & neighbours Pop Will Eat Itself had done exactly the same thing the night before, & came along to our gig to have a bit of fun ! I can't even begin to describe what a drunken carnage our ahem "gig" was that night ... let me just say that when it came time to play / perform our "single", the one that the German record company (present & out in force) had put a lot of time & money into promoting, I don't think there was a single Lemon Drop on stage ... I do remember that Craig Jennings, tone-deaf & pissed-drunk PWEI manager handled lead vocals ... if that gives you an idea !!!! We were never invited back to Germany !! ... Anyway, this time, with EWITFRN it was a bit more civilized ! Dyan & Eddie did a long interview for a German TV show, & while the club (Blue Shell) was a bit more rough & ready than the comfort of the previous nights luxury in Frankfurt, they looked after us well & gave us these amazing HUGE bottles of delicious Wickuler beer !! Gig was great, though we opt for a relatively early night as we have a big drive to Switzerland tomorrow, but not before clearing out the fridge of that amazing beer !!! Oh by the way, forgot to mention about yesterday in Frankfurt: they also put us up in a ridiculously trendy hipster hotel, a room each, so we had a hotel-room "nightcap" that became a party, finishing up the rider, listening to David Essex & The Boomtown Rats & watching youtube video's (including an amazing one of Ian from Art Brut f**king himself up really bad crashing a bike, that you must see!)

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