A journal as I travel around Europe with Everybody Was In The French Reststance...Now

I will be posting nonsense/pic's etc as I travel around the UK & Europe as guitarist/"musical facilitator" aka the bloke fiddling about at the back with Everybody Was In The French Resistance ...Now .

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Do the East Berlin ....

... is the most obscure song title reference I have used so far on this blog (it is an ace punky track from the early 80's by The Uninvited, released on a Stoke Musicians Collective compilation album called Cry Havoc ... you still awake at the back there??). We eventually arrive in Berlin at around 7pm, after a couple of pit-stops at German service stations, some great sausages & some great beers too (no wonder the Germans drive at a zillion miles an hour on their autobahns!). After soundcheck we eat thai food in the dressing room & Dyan's friend Graham shows up, a Scottish ex-pat who also helped make three of the FR live backing tracks ! Gig is great ... again we are nervous as to how the Germans will take to our band / concept / name, but I am still here typing this so all was fine obviously ! Funny as they were fine about us making fun of Germans & the French but they didn't find the bit where we make fun of U2 funny at all ... go figure !! We have an uber-late one, & Bekki leaves first thing in the morning, then the four of us do a bit of sight-seeing & Dyan buys an overpriced supposed actual piece of the Berlin Wall in the form of a fridge magnet (which I reckon is probably just a random piece of concrete spray-painted ... !!).... on to Hamburg!


  1. Both my uncles were in the band Univited, i think i will have to send them this link :)

  2. You've made an old former punk very happy.