A journal as I travel around Europe with Everybody Was In The French Reststance...Now

I will be posting nonsense/pic's etc as I travel around the UK & Europe as guitarist/"musical facilitator" aka the bloke fiddling about at the back with Everybody Was In The French Resistance ...Now .

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Interlude ... back to the start !!

... here's a brief flashback to the very beginning of the EWITFRN tour. This is me & one of my oldest mates Paul Lunt (who I have known since age 5 !), taken in the brilliant City Tavern in Birmingham, a Davenports pub ! When we played our second gig, a warm-up in Birmingham, Lunty & Mr Jon Farrington (aka Fazza) kidnapped me after soundcheck & insisted we go to sample the beer at this fine establishment ! Oh man, it was amazing, both the Bitter & the Mild were to die for ! ... real beer ! Mmmmmmmm !!!

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